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  • Not too long ago our major security concern was about “bad intentioned” people and the harm they could inflict on us. Now, we not only have that concern, but the additional concerns about strange and deadly viruses with unknown cures. I cannot do anything for you for the latter, except pray for you and me, but we, at Caldwell Security Solutions have plenty of solutions for your security in regards to the “bad intentioned” people. 
  • Since the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods tend to be women and girls, I have a very special interest in advocating for the protection of these two groups first, especially as I think about my wife, daughter, and my six grand daughters. Thus, I look at the first line of defense as being a personal “loud” alarm that is easy to activate, like the 3- in-1 130dB PERSONAL ALARM WITH LIGHT. This is the only alarm that can act as a flashlight, personal alarm, laptop computer alarm, and window or door alarm. Hopefully, this item alone would scare off the potential attacker.
  • The second line of defense is the BashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight, which has a very bright 120 lumen light that can be used tactically to temporarily blind an attacker. However, if the blinding light is not enough to deter the attacker, you can simply reach out and touch him or her with the 15,000,000 volt section of the flashlight, which is the stun gun. That should do it! While the attacker is lying “paralyzed” on the ground, the victorious “almost victim” would have the opportunity to walk away, while dialing “911” to pick up the “trash”!
  • The third line of defense is the Mini Hidden Spy Camera with Built In DVR. While either sounding the personal alarm and/or blinding and “stun-gunning” the disabled attacker, you can use the Mini Hidden Spy Camera to record the event and give the evidence to your friendly police department. How is that for security and self defense?
  • Take a good look at this Caldwell Security Solutions products and see how it can help you and those you love. Let me know what you think.

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